Sunday, May 1, 2011

Up in the Air

"The stars will wheel forth from their daytime hiding places; and one of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest, will be my wingtip passing over."

I've spent too long away from home

Did all the things I could have done

Gone are the days of endless thrills

I know I'm not the only one

So long I'm goin'... goin' home

I saw the streets all ripe with jewels

Balconies and the laundry lines

They tried to make me welcome there

But their streets did not feel like mine

So long I'm goin'... goin' home

I want the sun to hit my face

Through oak trees in the open lot

Forget about the things you want

Be thankful for what all you got

So long I`m goin'... goin' home



  1. Adam: I probably should have given this to you sooner, but here is a good blog. This guy has been all over southeast Asia.

    Tomahawks Adventure Travel and Survival:

  2. Hey, Tim, I'll definitely check him out. Thanks. FYI, I've recently returned to St. Louis; however, I'll be going to Alaska in the coming weeks. Let me know if you'll be passing through Missouri in the near future. Peace.


  3. New reader here! Love browsing a fellow Pinoy traveler's posts. What happened in Alaska? Any new articles soon? Hihi.

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