Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Two in Taiwan - So Much to See, So Little Time

Since Sheila and I had only three days scheduled for Taiwan, there was only one thing on our minds: To. See. As. Much. As. Possible.

And we did just that.

This required a lot of commuting and a lot of walking. Notice the emphasis on the word "walking." Boy, we did a lot of that. Whew. It was sort of reminiscent of my first few days during my travels when my brother and I went sightseeing in New York City. Now THAT was a lot of walking.

From the town of Shifen, we caught a bus to Taipei with our CouchSurfing host, Jiavanni, who was catching a flight to China. Once we said our goodbyes, we set out in search of a hostel which we had booked online the previous night. It was a difficult task, to say the least. But like I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, the people in Taiwan are extremely kind and helpful. We would have never found our hostel if it wasn't for a random middle-aged, non-English speaking Taiwanese woman who we met while walking aimlessly through a densely populated food market.

Word of advice: If you decide to visit Taiwan, make sure to print directions - to anywhere - in Mandarin Chinese. It's a lifesaver. Period.

After we checked into our hostel and got our belongings stored away, we immediately set out to explore the city of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

National Concert Hall & National Theater

Chiang Kai-shek memorial Hall

Longshan Temple

Shilin Night Market



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