Tuesday, February 15, 2011

San Juan Beach, La Union - A Surfer's Haven.

Since Jason was keen to surf I suggested that we travel to San Juan Beach, a popular destination for surfers located in the province of La Union. If you recall, I traveled to San Juan Beach this past September with Sheila and had a great time.

I’m not a surfer by any means – I think the last time I surfed was when I was 19 years old while visiting California – but I didn't mind relaxing near the beach while Jason got his surf fix. Anyways, I was only going to spend one day here as I had to be back in Manila the following day.

I was surprised with how different San Juan Beach looked from the last time I was here. It looked like another beach. Apparently, my last visit here in September was during the off-season for surfing. The waves this time, however, were noticeably larger and many more people were surfing.

[Above picture was taken in September 2010]

[Above picture was taken in January 2011]

After some lunch and a brief stop at the Internet café, Jason grabbed a surfboard and headed out to sea.

The following morning Jason and I caught a bus back to Manila where I enjoyed a day of rest before departing to Bohol Island.

It was quite the week of traveling with Jason.


Next Stop: Bohol Island.

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