Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paete: The Wood Carving Capital of the Philippines.

Recently, I took a road trip with Sheila. And during this road trip we stopped briefly at the historical town of Paete, located in the province of Laguna along the shores of the largest lake in the Philippines, Laguna de Bay. Here, you’ll find an array of woodcarving boutique shops nestled in between quaint, narrow streets. The provincial town’s old Baroque style church, narrow streets, and boutique shops conjured an almost European-esque feeling. And to no surprise, as the town was founded by the Spanish in 1580 during its colonial reign.

But refrain from romanticizing about the town too much, because once the chromed, pimped-out looking jeepneys (the country’s most popular form of public transportation, which look like something straight out of a Mad Max movie) came barreling down the road past me, blaring music and filled with countless numbers of people crammed inside, any revering feelings I may have had towards the town quickly dissipated – just as fast as the smoke-belching jeepneys emit exhaust into the air.


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