Monday, November 8, 2010

Sonicboom Motorsports: Motorbike racing in Manila

After Sheila and I returned from La Union, we immediately left with her family to attend a birthday party. Sheila’s little niece, Chi Chi, turned 3 years old and was celebrating her birthday at a motorcycle race organized by Mark, Sheila’s eldest brother and father of Chi Chi. I had never attended a motorbike race before and was looking forward to it, especially since Mark was the organizer.

Before Mark organized motorbike races, he held bike exhibitions at malls in Manila. Mark simply rented a space in the mall and charged every bicycle and motorbike enthusiast for their display. And at the end of every exhibition, Mark would give away prizes to the participants with the best displays.

Organizing bike exhibitions eventually evolved into organizing motorbike races. This was no easy task. It took a lot of hard work, diligence and dedication as Mark did everything on his own, i.e. without the help from sponsors. Mark created the company Sonicboom Motorsports, and began organizing races around Manila. And because of Mark’s success, Yamaha, a multinational company known for its motorbikes, hired Mark to organize their “First Ever Race” in the Philippines, comprised of 3 races and held in the country’s 3 major cities: Davao City, Cebu, and Manila. Winners from the final race which will be held in Manila, will be sent to Malaysia to represent Yamaha and to compete against other racers from southeast Asia. The future is looking bright for Mark.

The race we were attending that day wasn't affiliated with Yamaha; it was put on by Mark’s company, Sonicboom Motorsports. Once we arrived at the track, looking for a place to park, we were stopped by security. We rolled down the window and told the officer that we were Mark’s family. The officer opened the gate and allowed us to park inside the restricted area. Ah yes, V.I.P treatment, baby.

Once inside, high above in the mezzanine box, we were greeted by Mark and his team who were coordinating the race. I immediately sat beside Mark, overlooking the action to get a sense of the atmosphere.

It wasn’t before long that more members of Sheila’s family began to arrive. As this was the first time meeting most of Sheila’s extended family, she quickly introduced me and got me acquainted with everyone. Sheila has such a lovely family; everyone is so friendly and nice – extremely welcoming.

And then we celebrated Chi Chi’s birthday, and began consuming an ungodly amount of food.

After the race, Sheila requested that we immediately take some pictures on the race track.

What a day. You can always bank that it’s going to be a great day when there’s cake, food, and motorbike racing involved.

Shout out to Mark and his team from Sonicboom Motorsports for putting on a great show. Here's Sonicboom Motorsports fan page on Facebook:

Keep rollin’, baby!


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