Monday, November 29, 2010

The Philippines: Samal Island, Mindanao Part 3

After an unsettling night from our traumatic experience at the slaughterhouse, Sheila and I left for Samal Island to relax our minds. Samal Island is located just off the coast of mainland Mindanao in the Davao Gulf. We were anxious to get to the island as we had heard and read good things about it, mainly that it was supposed to be a beautiful, unspoiled island.

It was a difficult decision (as there were so many options), but after much research, Sheila and I reserved a room at the Bluejaz Beach Resort & Waterpark. To reach our resort from mainland Mindanao we had to take a few modes of transportation. This included 1 tricycle, 2 jeepneys, a 10 minute walk, and 1 ferry ride.

Once we arrived at Bluejaz Resort on Samal Island, we were met with a d├ęcor of colorful flags which I found to be quite inviting.

Initially, Sheila and I were somewhat disappointed with the beach. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was pretty and all; however, we wrongly assumed that there would a longer stretch of it. The island of Samal appeared to be saturated with resorts, and with everyone wanting their own little slice of heaven, the beaches have been allocated accordingly. So yeah, we were a little disappointed, because that’s ultimately why we had come here . . . to see the island’s beautiful beaches. And when we inquired at the front desk about venturing off the resort to find other beaches, we were told that other beaches were only accessible through other resorts, in which we would have to pay an entrance fee. In the end, we made do with what we had and had a great time, regardless.

Bluejaz is a new resort and is still in the process of being constructed. It had a waterpark, a rock climbing wall, an open-air restaurant, and an infinity pool with a view of Mt. Apo (the largest volcanic mountain in the Philippines) overlooking the Davao Gulf.

Despite how crowded it was at the resort, we somehow managed to have the beach to ourselves.

After swimming in the ocean, we had dinner under the open-air restaurant just as a storm bypassed us which made out for an enjoyable, cool pleasant breeze off the gulf. As we were waiting for our meal, Sheila and I took a few pictures in front of the red carpet backdrop and runway banner and viewed a fire show.

After dinner, Sheila walked up to the musical pavilion where a few performers were playing and asked if she could sing a song. She sang the song "Para sa akin" by Sitti Navarro, a famous Filipina singer, as she knows how much I enjoy it when she sings that song. It was a lovely ending to our night.

The following morning Sheila and I left Samal Island. We really enjoyed our stay here and would have loved to see more of the island; however, time was of the essence and we needed to make our way back to mainland Mindanao. We had an eventful day in store for us.


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