Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sing for Singapore!

Sing for Singapore!

Yes, I was quite happy to arrive in Singapore as Sheila was flying from Manila to meet me. This was the first time during my travels that someone had specifically flown out just to meet me, yours truly. And I gotta say, it felt pretty good. Prettay . . . Prettay . . . Prettay . . . Prettay good!

At Sheila's request I was under strict orders to keep our planned reunion under wraps. Sheila was a bit nervous about how her family and friends would react to her spontaneity, a quality I find very becoming. But maybe it was a quality that, Sheila nervously thought, her family and friends would find unbecoming as she was traveling to Singapore to see me - a guy. As difficult as it was for me, I respected her request and kept a lid on it.

After I retrieved my bag and exited Baggage Claim I eagerly began searching for her. Sheila, who was scheduled to arrive at the airport an hour before me, insisted NOT to designate a specific spot to meet, but to simply find each other randomly.

But simple it was not.

After wandering around the airport for 45 minutes I walked to Information.

"Hi," I said to the woman with a slight puppy dog expression written on my face. "Could you page someone for me, please?" After I gave her Sheila's information she said that her airline had actually arrived in another terminal, and that I had to take the skyrail and bus to reach it.

"Oh my Lord," I said smiling, shaking my head. "Thanks so much."

And as I turned around I was surprised to find . . .

[play music]

. . . Sheila, smiling with her arms open, walking in my direction. My world really seemed to slow down for a second as we approached one another.

Sheila was quite the site for sore eyes. It felt great giving her a big ol' hug.

Ah, yes, reunited at last.


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