Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Philippines, Part 6: A Day in the Life.

I only had one full day left in Manila before I would continue my travels to Donsol and to the island of Samar. I was really looking forward to seeing Sheila after she got off work and spending some time with her. I felt as if my feelings for Sheila were growing by the day. It just felt good to be in her presence. Sheila unknowingly has a quality in which I like to describe as the "it" factor. You see, people who have this "it" quality have a certain powerful, indescribable presence about them. I was beginning to see Sheila as a powerful luminous being of energy who has the ability to turn darkness into light. Just being around her would brighten my day and mood. She radiated with such positive energy that it just felt pleasant being in her presence. Yes, the force was certainly strong with Sheila.

For the past month I had been searching for any books written by Carlos Castaneda. I had read a few of his books before my travels and was yearning to read more.

I was laying in Sheila's bed as she walked into her room after getting home from work, and she placed a plastic bag next to me on the counter.

*WARNING! Reading Past This Sentence Will Risk Having Your Mind Blown. *
--Proceed To Read With Caution--

Three books fell out of the plastic bag once she layed it down. I looked over and noticed not 1 but 3 Carlos Castaneda books!

"No way!" I yelled, startling Sheila. "Get the hell out of here!"

"What?! What?!" Sheila responded.

"Ive been searching for books written by Carlos Castaneda for over a month, and you randomly purchased 3 of them?!"

Sheila seemed a bit perplexed by the whole situation.

"Have you have heard of Carlos Castaneda before?" I asked.


"Then why did you buy his books?" I pressed.

"Because they were on sale."

"So Castaneda," I said. "So, Castaneda."

Later that night, Sheila and I spoke for hours while laying on the floor in her room. Sheila eventually fell asleep beside me; however, I was completely wired and couldn't sleep a wink. Reflecting about my day and everything that had transpired, I was now certain that the trail had directed me to Sheila magnetically.

Just as I felt my body dozing off, Sheila's alarm went off.


I felt as if I could have layed there forever. But we both knew we had to rise up, as today was a new day - a new beginning.


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