Sunday, March 7, 2010


After an amazing trip to Myanmar (Burma) I went back to Thailand. I would spend the next 5 days in Bangkok decompressing, unwinding, relaxing, writing, etc, before traveling to northern Thailand. I was pretty much always on the move in Myanmar and was looking forward to taking it easy, i.e. not moving. I stayed at Mama's Hotel, located on a street perpendicular to Khao San Road behind the Burger King, for only 100 Baht. It wasn't the most inviting place, I can assure you. In fact, it was a bit of a dump. It was dark, gloomy, with extremely thin walls, and it didn't appear that the sheets on the bed were washed too often. It reminded me of the room that Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Richard, from the movie The Beach stayed in when he traveled to Bangkok. I was waiting for that crazy guy, Daffy, to climb over my partitioning wall from the adjacent room and yell obscenities. (Begin watching at the 4:20 mark below)

Eh, but for 100 Baht I wasn't going to complain. Long-term travelers from all over the globe resided here, as it was the cheapest hotel around. And, boy, were they some characters. I loved listening to their traveling stories--so inspiring.

Speaking of which, here's a pretty funny story: One night while hanging out with the guests from my hotel on Khao San Road, I ran into Rob, a friend of mine who I'd met in Kuala Lumpur. He has a blog too if you're interested: Anyways, he introduced me to his friend who he was with, named Benny. When Rob said that his name was Benny, I looked at him and told him that he looked familiar and asked if we had met before, possibly. It took all but two seconds before it hit me.

"Wait a second, wait a second," I said, "You're from!" (TGATW) is a travel website created by Sammy and William who documented their trip around the world through travel videos. TGATW was one of the few travel blogs I followed regularly before I embarked on my trip. So anyways, I remembered Benny because he made an appearance in one of the TGATW episodes, as Benny hosted Sammy through Benny was pretty easy to remember, as he was from Ireland, wore the same Irish hat, and speaks, like, 7-8 languages. (Watch Benny at the 2:00 mark below)

If you're interested in learning another language, you might want to check out his website: & After laughing about the utter randomness of the situation that had just occurred, we all hung out for a few hours.

Another pleasant surprise occurred while in Bangkok: One of my traveling partners from Myanmar, MariJuana, graced me with her presence while at an Internet cafe. She was supposed to have traveled to Koh Chang, but, due to bad weather, she decided to stop in Bangkok for a few days before heading to Chiang Mai where she'll be participating in a month long massage course. It was great seeing MJ again, as I was beginning to miss her. We really vibed well while traveling together for the 3 weeks in Myanmar. So it was great to be back together again; however, it would be short lived as she left for Chiang Mai a few days before me in order to travel a bit before her course began.

I enjoyed my short stint in Bangkok. I accomplished everything I wanted to do here. I got about 3-4 blogs written, uploaded a ton a pictures, ate some good food, and, most importantly, stayed in one place. However, after 5 days on Khao San Road I was ready to travel north to Chiang Mai. I purchased a cheap bus ticket from some Jewish travel agency, costing me only 350 Baht. Score!

Next stop: Chiang Mai or so I thought.


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