Monday, February 22, 2010


I took an overnight bus from Phuket to Bangkok. The bus ride was actually quite comfortable. Thanks to Josh, who purchased the ticket for me, he managed to get a me a front row seat which as the most leg room. Thanks, Josh!

I made it to Bangkok earlier than expected, at around 4:30 a.m. And because I made it to BKK insanely early, I killed a few hours before calling my host, Zcel. When I did finally manage to call and get a hold of her, she didn't sound too enthused, as she thought I'd be arriving in the evening and she'd had just gotten to bed after a long night out partying. So I decided to head to the city and find the Myanmar Embassy to apply for my visa. However, upon arriving, I found out that it was closed for the next two days. Ugh! So I found an Internet cafe and got caught up on a few things.

I finally managed to find Zcel's place which was further outside BKK than I had expected. After getting acquainted we went to the mall and had lunch with a few of her friends. Afterwards, we went back to her friend's before heading out to Khao San Rd--a backpacker ghetto full of cheap accommodation, shops and street bars. Let's just say: Hanging out with pretty Filipino women + Khan San Rd = A good time.

The next day I slept half the day away. And after I managed to get myself out of bed I walked over and sat down to use Zcel's computer. However, when I sat on the chair one of the legs broke off, causing me to fall awkwardly to the ground. Oops!

Later I would meet Elan, Josh's best friend. Man, talk about a nice guy. I can see how Josh and Elan are best friends. I ended up spending the rest of the night hanging out with Elan. Thank you Elan for your kindness and hospitality. The next day I woke up early and headed back to the Myanmar Embassy where I would meet Daniel and apply for my visa.

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