Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to New York!

Welcome to New York!

Well, Marc and I have officially made it to NYC. We’re staying with a friend of ours, Joe Middleton, until Sunday, November 8. I have never been to New York before, so I’m pretty stoked about being here for five days.

It has been a pretty long day so far and it’s not even 5 o’clock yet! Our flight was at 6 this morning, so we were up and about by 3:45 to be on the road by 4:20. It was pretty difficult having my parents see me off at the airport, especially because I didn’t—and still don’t—know when I will be returning.

The flight from St. Louis to NYC was pretty uneventful. However, some Indian guy who sat in front of me in the plane tried his best to make it otherwise. This guy had a serious case of dandruff, and when the plane began to take off, he laid all the way back in his seat and began scratching—and I thought the forecast didn’t call for any snow today. Marc and I slowly looked at each other and exchanged one of those “Jim and Pam” looks—ya know, from the television show The Office—like, “you’re not actually doing this, are you?!”

Oh, and I’m still slightly deaf in my left ear from the flight. My ears wouldn’t pop on the flight to New York so I was pretty much in agony as we descended. My ears haven’t hurt like that since my trip back from Ireland, some years ago.

Once we made it to LaGuardia Airport, we began our hour and a half voyage to Brooklyn. Once we arrived, Joe’s roommate, David, a real cool dude, greeted us. In fact, he said he recently just got back from teaching English in South Korea for one year. Nice.

First impressions: If I had to describe NYC in one word, it would have to be…ENORMOUS!

On a final note, I think Marc must have said, “Dude, we’re going to NYC and SE Asia” probably about…eh…a million times to me. I love it. Hey Marc, in the words of Krammer, “oh…you better believe it!”



  1. Have fun and don't spend all your money in NY!!!

  2. Yo A D! Hey, NY is a huge cool, fun place! You guys will burn through 5 days so fast! I'll keep looking for you in the audience on the Today show! Go talk to Lenny, he'll be in the front row, wearing a Today Show cap. You can't miss him. He's really pretty cool! He has GREAT stories!!

  3. Oh yeah, thanks for losing that apostrophe!

  4. My reporter tells me you're not eating or drinking enough liquid. Boys, you have to eat/drink or you'll get sick! Get some rice in Chinatown..it will fill you up. Or better yet, get something at the grocery store. Be resourceful!

    Watching out for your nutritional needs,
    Sara Lou RN