Friday, November 6, 2009

NYC Day 2

NYC: Day 2

Wednesday was jam packed, and I loved it. We started around 11:30 and made it to Battery Park from Brooklyn. It was funny how quickly Adam and I got comfortable with holding our cameras out all the time. We were at first reluctant to keep them out because we knew we would look like major tourists, but, hey, we are tourists and what do we care, right? We had no plan where we wanted to go after we got to Battery Park, all we knew is that we were going to wander aimlessly and soak it all in. We headed towards Wall St. next and stumbled into the charging bull that you always see in the movies. It was hard to see it at first because it was surrounded by Asians, but we joined the mix and took a few pictures. It reminded me of the movie Hitch while it reminded Adam of Michael Moore’s most recent movie, Capitalism: A Love Story. You can tell we have the same interests, huh?! We got to Wall St. and that was pretty neat to see. From there we walked to ground zero. I was here 7 ½ years ago right after the 9/11 attacks happened and they were still working on nearby buildings. We then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, which is about a mile long, I think. When we got to the other side we weren’t too happy that we had to walk back across. Chinatown was the next stop. I guess we wanted to get a taste of what the next few months would be like. After this, it was time to go relax back in Brooklyn. It was a very long day of walking! I don’t know how you can live in NYC and be overweight.

When Joe got home from work, he and I went to this liquor store to get a little drink during the Yankee’s game. It ended up being the most amazing liquor store experience EVER! We asked the man for an inexpensive to medium priced bottle of vodka. He immediately put a bottle on the counter and told his wife, who helps run the store, to go get some samples from the back. Little did we know that we would be taking 5 shots in three minutes and learn that American vodka, besides Kettle 1, is garbage. The owner was from Poland and enlightened Joe and I with some serious vodka knowledge. Needless to say I was feeling prettay… prettay… prettay… pretty good on the walk home. Oh yeah, the vodka was actually very good and Adam even liked it.

The Yankees won game six of the World Series. Now everyone knows that I am not a baseball fan at all, but you wouldn’t have guessed it that night. Adam even put on the front and we headed to the Bronx with Joe to celebrate a Yankee World Series win. Our taxi driver was from India and him and Adam hit it off. I think Adam knew more about India than he did. The Bronx was crazy with people all over the streets by Yankee Stadium. The cops ended up coming out in great numbers (at least 100) trying to get everyone to go home. We have a lot of good footage and will post it soon.

Very good Day!


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